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Business success is based upon everyone involved pulling their weight, performing their specific roles as required, and adhering to acceptable behaviour both morally and legally.


Unfortunately, the nature of business itself and the varying levels of experience and expertise of employees, usually means that not everyone is willing or able to perform as expected, and they will need to be given feedback that to them will be more negative than positive.


This excellent article, suggests that providing this type of feedback is needed to improve behaviour to bring out the best in a business, and it provides 10 rules you can follow to ensure the effective delivery of such feedback.

Giving feedback - either negative or positive - is one of the most important areas of leadership and management - yet so few companies invest any effort in the teaching and coaching of giving feeback. It's one of the most important areas of employee satisfaction. Why is this done so poorly in most companies?

Do we assume that if you're a manager or executive, you should come to the table with this skill. What a major false assumption!

Barry Deutsch

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